Skip Your Dental Anxiety With Sedation Options At Our Roseville Office

If you’ve been avoiding the dentist because of fear and anxiety, it’s time to consider some dental sedation options. You may just need to find a dentist that uses nitrous oxide, also known as “laughing gas.” But your needs may be more complex than that, and Advanced Dental Concepts has several choices for you. Dr. David Miller, our Roseville, CA dentist, has the skills to safely administer whatever dental sedation options you choose.

Sedation dentistry is helpful for reasons that go beyond soothing dental anxiety. Other advantages include:

  • Being able to complete several procedures during one appointment
  • Responding to local anesthetics more readily
  • Overcoming problems like a sensitive gag reflex or exhaustion from holding your mouth open for a long time

Most importantly, as a holistic dental practice, we’ll never offer any type of dental sedation options that could adversely affect your overall health. Call us now at 916-786-4865 to discuss your options.

Explore Your Options For Dental Sedation

We offer a range of sedatives to help control your dental anxiety. These include NuCalm, nitrous oxide, and oral conscious sedation.

  • NuCalm is a drug-free solution to help you relax. It uses a cream or supplement to counteract adrenaline, the chemical your body releases when you’re anxious. When we combine it with noise-dampening headphones and an eye mask, you’ll feel a sensation similar to falling asleep.
  • Laughing gas provides mild sedation and can increase your pain tolerance. It wears off within minutes of leaving the dental chair and is safe for children.
  • Conscious sedation, also known as oral sedations, is the use of medication in pill form to induce a deep, relaxed state. You’ll be able to respond to your doctor as he works, but you won’t be nervous at all and you may not even remember your treatment!

Conscious sedation dentistry is safe when practiced responsibly, which is always our priority. You’ll meet with Dr. David Miller ahead of time to discuss your medical history and current medication schedule.

Get the dental care you deserve by overcoming your dental anxiety through sedation options at Advanced Dental Concepts. Call us at 916-786-4865 to book your appointment.

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