Terri McKay

I had cracked my tooth on a piece of popcorn, and that’s when I called the service, and the next day, I walked in, he prepped the tooth, and was able to put the crown in within one day. I was pretty amazed because in the past, I’ve had crowns, and it’s not in a day. You have to get a temporary and sit and wait for one to be made and then it takes seven to ten days, or maybe a little longer than that, so this was good.

I have gone to other dentists that tell you, you need this and that and unreasonable things, they don’t to that, they’re realistic, if you come for a cleaning, he sees something, he’s gonna tell you how bad it is, he’s not gonna tell you to do it right now, his pricing is awesome, because we had that happen with my husband who is a patient here as well. He was seeing a dentist, they said that he needed a bunch of work, and we switched to Dr. Miller, and Dr. Miller said “No, let’s hold off right now, let’s see if you really need this.”, well it’s been eight to ten years, and he really did not need this, so, we liked that.

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