Tanya Tuddle

My grandmother, my mother, so has my brother and sister, my husband, myself, and then now my daughter, four generations actually come here. Dr. Miller has always from the beginning treated us like family. Anytime we needed anything, anytime we wanted to look at his stuffed animals in his office, he would let me and my brother and sister go in there when we were kids and look at them. We have literally followed him from the time that we first initially started to here. We’ve always been with Dr. Miller, and I wouldn’t change it for anything.

To see him interact with her totally reminds me of my childhood. It reminds me of the experiences that I used to have, him letting her have a stuffed animal. When I used to come, he has photos of me when I was nine still in my file, and I always tell him, “Don’t, don’t pull out those photos.” He’s like, “No, no, every now and then I, you know, I reminisce.” Just to be able to have that for my daughter, I love that. I also love that his daughter now works here, too. I think that’s awesome because we’ve always heard stories about her growing up, him and his children and his wife. To actually get to meet her and then work with her, I think is just awesome.

Being able to bring her from the time she was born and the hygienist or the reception being able to just hold her, take care of her, bring her crayons and stuff to do, keep her entertained while I’m getting my teeth cleaned or what have you, just being able to have them be able to be there, and so willing to be able to do that really makes coming here an enjoyable experience. You will always know that you’re taken care of whenever you come.

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