Shari Wylder

They’ve really helped me with my pain. I used to go home every night in terrible pain. My husband would have to rub my head. Lately, he reminded me, “You know, you haven’t asked for a head rub for a really long time.” I’m like, “Yeah, it’s really helped a lot.”

I got a splint, which I still wear, and that brought my jaw to the place that’s the most restful spot for my bite, and then, in order to get teeth to fit, my bite to fit, now I’m getting ortho work. I have my uppers already, and I’m gonna be getting my lowers next week. I will still wear my splint, but they’ll start cannibalizing it, cutting it away to where eventually I don’t have to wear my splint, and I’ll just have my braces, and then probably next spring I’ll be all done.

I was just a ball of pain before. It was from my head down through my shoulders, in knots all the time, and I don’t feel that anymore. It’s just great.

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