Nancy Sbeih

The Invisalign was great for me. I had braces as a child. I had took a trip to China, a hiking trip. I fell down and broke some bones in my face, which also jarred my teeth. When I came back I found my teeth were shifting and Dr. Miller recommended that possibly the Invisalign would solve the problem.

I did wear the Invisalign for about a year and my teeth are nice and straight again, so that’s good. I’ve been very sensitive about having my teeth turn brown because of coffee and sodas and things. I love that they do the teeth whitening here because I keep my nice bright smile.

My teeth are the way I want them to be, exactly the way I want them to be, so that’s good. They just the routine maintenance, the cleaning and checkups are worth doing because I keep it that way. We have recommended it to several people. Sometimes people are already established with someone else and they’re reluctant to change. Anybody that’s looking for a dentist we always mention Dr. Miller because I think he’s the best. He really does know a lot about everything in dentistry and beyond. We’ve seen some of the miracles really, miracles that he’s performed. He’s got videos and things.

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