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Your teeth are designed to withstand a lot of pressure. Day after day, you mash them together whenever you chew. But they are not impervious. Bacteria can cause cavities, and accidents can crack or even fracture the enamel. Your teeth can even fall out. To repair such damage, Dr. Miller can provide metal-free treatments such as inlays, onlays, dental crowns and dental bridges Roseville, CA area.

What Are Inlays And Onlays?

When your tooth is damaged from tooth decay, it needs help. The bacteria need to be removed and the damaged area sealed up and protected. Metal fillings are not the best solution, as they usually contain a small amount of toxic mercury. Plus, they stand out in your mouth like a sore thumb. Inlays and onlays are better options for you. They are made from either porcelain or zirconia, so they will look natural in your smile. Inlays cover over cavities on the biting surface of your teeth. Onlays can cover the side of your tooth as well. Both will repair the damage and let your teeth be useful again.

How Can Dental Crowns Protect My Tooth?

Sometimes, damage is too big for an inlay or onlay. In these cases, dental crowns will work wonders. These are caps made from porcelain or zirconia, so they will look like natural, healthy teeth. Your crown will be shaped to look like the tooth it’s covering. Once placed, it will seal up all of the damage. It can also hold a tooth tightly together, stopping cracks from growing and fracturing your tooth.

What Is A Dental Bridge?

A tooth can be so damaged by decay or accident that even a dental crown won’t work. In these cases, Dr. Miller may have to extract a tooth. Gum disease can also make a tooth fall out, or it can get knocked out by an injury. Either way, you will need a replacement. Dental bridges are an affordable and noninvasive way to replace a tooth. A pair of dental crowns, one on each tooth next to the empty space, hold a replacement tooth securely in place. If you want more security, you can get a dental implant to support the new tooth.

How Long Will I Have To Wait Before They Are Made?

Normally, you would have to wait weeks for a dental crowns or dental bridges to be made. That’s because traditionally, the measurements would be sent to an off-site lab that would make the restorations before shipping them back to the dentist’s office. But at our Roseville, CA dental office, we have a CEREC machine. This takes three-dimensional images of your teeth and then makes the dental crowns or dental bridges right here in our office. Instead of weeks, you’ll have your work created and placed in a single visit.

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