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If you fear going to the dentist, you are not alone. Many people have some kind of dental anxiety. That’s why you have several options at Advanced Dental Concepts to get past dental anxiety. Let Roseville, CA dentist Dr. David B. Miller DDS help you relieve dental anxiety.

What Is Conscious Sedation?

There’s a myth in dentistry that getting sedation always means you will be fast asleep. The point of sedation dentistry is to help you feel relaxed and safe, but falling asleep means you would have to take more medication than you need. As a holistic dentist, Dr. Miller is concerned about your whole well-being and only wants to provide what you need to get past fear and dental anxiety. That’s why we offer conscious sedation at our Roseville, CA dentist office. With this form of sedation options, you will most likely stay awake but will feel deeply relaxed. Conscious sedation takes away your fears, not your consciousness.

How Does Conscious Sedation Work?

We have two sedation options available for you.

  • Oral sedation is medication taken in pill form before your appointment. These pills will induce a deep state of relaxation once they take effect. However, you will need someone to drive you to and from our Roseville, CA dentist office.
  • NuCalm is a new system that helps you control adrenaline and keep your brain in a calm, relaxed state. This will feel like you’re just about to fall asleep.

Both sedation options will get rid of your worries. You’ll be able to get through your needed dental treatments without dental anxiety or concern.

How Can The Office’s Staff Help?

Sedation is not the only way you can feel relaxed at our Roseville, CA dentist office. Dr. Miller has hired a team of professionals who know their people skills as well as their dental skills. From the moment you walk in, you will be treated with warmth and friendliness. A refreshment bar is available for you before your appointment begins. If you are bringing children, you’ll find a child’s play area to help keep them active and happy. When you go back for your appointment, you can get blankets and pillows to make sure you’re comfortable in one of our chairs.

Who Is Eligible For Sedation Dentistry?

You should consider getting sedation dentistry if you have any of these problems:

  • You have a sensitive gag reflex. Dental tools have to enter your mouth to reach your back teeth. If you have an overactive gag reflex, that might get in the way of your needed treatments.
  • You have sensitive teeth. Some people’s teeth are very sensitive to temperature, pressure, or pain. That could make common dental treatments difficult to get through without help.
  • You cannot sit still for very long. Dr. Miller works as efficiently as possible, but you will still end up in one of our chairs for a little while. Some people need help relaxing for that long.
  • You have a lot of dental treatments for one day. Many patients schedule several treatments for the same day to get it all done at once. Sedation dentistry can help you feel relaxed for that longer appointment.

If you are ready for oral sedation to help you get past dental anxiety and fear, call Roseville, CA dentist Dr. David B. Miller DDS today at 916-945-9985 or use our convenient online form.


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