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What Is Holistic Dentistry?

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Your body is a giant, interconnected system. What happens to one part can affect others. If you hurt your foot, you might irritate your back muscles by walking differently. A migraine headache can affect your mood, your vision, and sometimes even your sense of balance. It makes sense to treat your body as a whole. Instead of treating your teeth and gums as if they were separate from your body, Roseville, CA dentist Dr. Miller takes a holistic approach. He knows that dental treatments can affect the rest of your body. That means he looks at the bigger picture when delivering dental care. That’s all holistic dentistry is about — taking care of your dental needs but making sure treatments don’t negatively affect the rest of you.

Why Do You Use Metal-Free Dentistry?

In the past, dentists often used metal amalgam fillings. These contained a mixture of different metals, including mercury. Unfortunately, mercury has proven to be toxic in humans. The research is clear that mercury in fillings can hurt you, so why take a chance when there are better alternatives available? Holistic dental care focuses on your whole body, so that’s why Dr. Miller prefers metal-free options.

Additionally, metal looks out of place in your smile. At our Roseville, CA dental office, we use metal-free, composite, and porcelain inlays and onlays to repair cavities. The porcelain is colored to look like your natural, healthy teeth.

Does Holistic Mean Ignoring Technology?

Holistic dental care is not some hippie therapy that chooses “ancient healing techniques” over modern science. Instead, it just recognizes that what happens to your teeth and gums can affect the rest of your body. Take fluoride, for example. This chemical can help prevent decay. But fluoride is a toxic chemical in large enough doses. Dr. Miller is a holistic Roseville, CA dentist, so he is careful to offer fluoride-free choices for his patients.

Will My Dental Insurance Cover Holistic Treatments?

Because holistic dental care is focused on keeping your whole body healthy, there are many treatments that can be considered holistic. For example, using a metal-free dental crown to repair damaged teeth can be holistic. When determining whether a holistic treatment is covered by your insurance, look at the treatment itself and what it’s being used for. Most insurance plans will cover a dental crown. If you have an old, metal filling, Dr. Miller may recommend replacing it with something metal-free. Because this would be replacing an existing treatment, your insurance might decide you don’t need a metal-free alternative.

Once you and Dr. Miller have discussed the holistic dental care you need, the best thing to do is contact your insurance company and ask if they will cover the treatment. Be sure to record the name of the person you talk to, the date and time, and what was said.

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