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When you buy a new house, there’s a long list of things to repair and improve. You might need to repaint faded walls, replace some broken plumbing, or completely knock down a wall to build a proper kitchen. In a similar way, you could have an improvement list for your smile. You might need to repair damaged teeth, remove teeth that cannot be saved, or replace ones that came out. When you need several things repaired with your mouth, you may need a full-mouth reconstruction. Get in touch with a Roseville, CA dentist today!

What Is A Full-Mouth Reconstruction?

A full-mouth reconstruction is a plan to completely repair and restore your teeth. Dr. Miller will start by examining your teeth, and together, you will create a treatment plan to correct the problems. Just about any treatment that restores a tooth can be part of a full-mouth reconstruction, but options typically include dental crowns, dental implants, and dentures. Dr. Miller, a Roseville, CA dentist, is so experienced in these procedures that he teaches other dental professionals about full-mouth reconstructions at the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies.

What’s The Best Way To Replace A Single Missing Tooth?

This depends somewhat on what happened and which tooth is missing. In general, a dental implant is a great way to replace a missing tooth. Because it uses an artificial root, you’ll have great durability and strength with the replacement. Plus, it helps keep your jawbone healthy. Not everyone can get an implant as part of a full-mouth reconstruction. In these cases, we may recommend a dental bridge.

What If I’m Missing Several Teeth?

If you’re missing several teeth in a row, partial dentures can work wonders. These use several replacement teeth to fill the gap. Small clasps connect the denture to your natural teeth, holding it securely in place. If you’re missing all of the teeth on the top or bottom of your mouth, full dentures will replace them all. As with partials, these use natural-looking replacement teeth, but you’ll apply a special adhesive to help hold the dentures in place. You can remove both full and partial dentures, so it will be easy to clean them.

We also have temporary dentures so you do not have to leave our Roseville, CA dental office without teeth.

Can Implants Be Combined With Dentures?

Some people want their dentures to fit more securely. In this case, we can place dental implants to hold firmly onto the replacement teeth.

  • Implant-retained dentures use ball-and-socket joints to connect the gum-colored base to implants. You can take these out for easy cleaning.
  • Implant-supported dentures use a curved bar to connect to implants. These are not removable except by a dentist.
  • All-on-4® or All-on-6 implants use replacement teeth like dentures, but the implants (only four or six per arch) are angled in a patented way to provide extra support and stability.

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