Pediatric Dentistry

Everyone has teeth, but not everyone has the same dental needs. Adults have to worry about teeth stains from coffee, bleeding as a sign of gum disease, keeping their natural teeth, and more. Children have to establish good habits to help maintain good dental health as they grow older. Different ages means different needs. If you have a young child in need of pediatric dentistry Roseville, CA dentist office is here for you both with our Pediatric dentistry service. Dr. Miller has extensive training in childhood dental growth and development. Often, early detection of growth problems such as crowded or crooked teeth or abnormal growth patterns of the jaws can save time and money on braces as your child grows.

Doesn’t “Pediatric Dentistry” Mean The Same As “Family Dentistry”?

Just about any dentist can be considered a family dentist. That label only means that the dentist will see patients of many ages. More importantly, not all family dentists have experience working directly with children. Dr. Miller enjoys working with children of almost all ages, and he can provide the pediatric dental work your child needs.

At What Age Should My Child See The Dentist?

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that you bring your child in for the first dental visit by the first birthday. Dr. Miller can make sure the baby teeth are coming in correctly. That said, you know your child. If you think he or she is ready earlier or needs to wait a few months, then that’s what you should do. Just don’t wait too long. Dental problems can start as soon as teeth appear.

Will Teething Be Painful For My Child?

Every child reacts differently to teething. Some get quite fussy, while others don’t seem to even notice. If your child seems to be having a problem, here are some tricks to help:


  • Use a cold (but not frozen) teething ring. The coldness helps numb the gums, and biting helps relieve some of the pressure. A frozen ring can be so cold that it causes pain instead.
  • Gently wipe the gums with a sterile gauze from time to time. Such pressure can help relieve some discomfort.
  • Make sure you keep gently wiping away any drool. Saliva can irritate the skin around the mouth if too much is left to air dry.

If you think your child is having a problem with teething, make an appointment with our Roseville, CA dentist office for Pediatric dentistry.

Should I Worry About My Child’s Thumb Sucking?

Sucking on a thumb or pacifier is a normal part of development. It helps your child feel more secure and safe. Most children naturally give up sucking on thumbs and pacifiers all by themselves, so you shouldn’t worry if your infant starts sucking his or her thumb. Yes, repeated sucking can force teeth to become crooked, but the baby teeth will come out anyway, so that’s not a concern. If your child continues sucking while the adult teeth start coming in, then you might have to intervene. If that’s the case, we can provide tips to help your child break the habit.

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