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When you have a family, you are responsible for taking care of them. You have to put healthy food on the table, help them with their schoolwork, and keep them active. Dr. David B. Miller DDS a Roseville, CA dentist at Advanced Dental Concepts, offers a wide range of family dentistry treatments so you can help take care of your family’s teeth and gums.

What Does Family Dentistry Include?

The term “family dentist” gets used in lots of ways. It generally means that a dentist can treat your whole family. However, some dentists refuse to see young children. They might call themselves family dentists because it’s marketable. At our Roseville, CA dental office, Dr. Miller is a true family dentist. He has the advanced training and knowledge to treat any age and is also able to deliver pediatric dental treatments.

What Is A “Happy Visit”?

Children as young as 1 year old should start coming to see Roseville, CA dentist Dr. Miller. He can check to make sure teething is going well, but the first visit is more about setting the right stage for future dental care. Children can sometimes be afraid of the dentist. That’s because there are so many strange things in the dentist’s office. Such fear can get in the way of dental care. To help with this, Dr. Miller offers “fun visits.” These are dental visits for young children that focus on fun. Dr. Miller will check teeth and gums, of course. But the point will be to make our Roseville, CA dental office some place fun to visit. We even have a children’s play area at our dental office.

What Dental Problems Are Typical For Young Children?

Teething is often the first dental problem faced by children. It’s rarely a pain-free process, so infants often need cold teething rings and a little pressure on the gums to help get through it. Some parents worry about thumb sucking. If this happens while your child still has baby teeth, do not worry. Most grow out of this phase by the time adult teeth start coming in. If your child is still sucking a thumb after that point, it needs to stop before it affects the development of the teeth and mouth. We can make recommendations to help curb this habit.

How Can I Help My Family Take Care Of Their Teeth?

The biggest way to help your family have healthy teeth and gums is through regular brushing and flossing. Limiting sugar and carbs helps, too. The bacteria that cause problems like cavities and gum disease thrive off that high-energy food. You also need to visit our dental office at least twice each year. That’s because Roseville, CA dentist Dr. Miller and our team have the specialized tools and training to give your child’s teeth a thorough dental cleaning. In the end, there is no substitute for brushing and flossing at home. Use rewards (but not sugary foods or drinks) to encourage your children. Don’t forget that role modeling is powerful. If your children see you brush and floss, they are more likely to do it themselves.

Will My Child Have To Get Metal Braces?

Your adult teeth are supposed to follow a path left by your baby teeth. For the most part, they do. However, it’s very rare for teeth to come in perfectly straight and even. Orthodontic treatments like braces can gently move wayward teeth to where they should be, but we typically wait until your child’s adult teeth have mostly stopped moving before recommending treatment. That means waiting until they’re a teenager. But metal braces are not the only option for your teen. At Advanced Dental Concepts, we have several family dentistry treatments to choose from. Traditional braces are available, but so are Incognito™ braces (by 3M), Invisalign, ClearCorrect, and Six-Month Smiles.

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