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The problem with having a smile you don’t like is how it saps your confidence. Everyone could be nice and never mention your stained, crooked, chipped, and disproportionate teeth. You know the problems are there, and that’s what makes it tough to deal with. Every time you talk or smile, you imagine what other people are thinking, and it’s not nice. If you have several reasons to dislike your smile, a smile makeover from our Roseville, CA dentist office can help with all of them.

What Is A Smile Makeover?

A smile makeover is a holistic plan to correct all of the cosmetic problems with your teeth. If your smile is overshadowed by stains and chipped teeth, Roseville, CA dentist Dr. Miller would discuss your treatment options such as veneers, or perhaps teeth whitening and tooth bonding. This way, you can schedule your treatments in the right order. For example, tooth bonding will match the current color of your teeth, so why do that and then later whiten your teeth? A smile makeover also clarifies what will be done and when, which helps with your personal calendar.

Can Anyone Get A Smile Makeover?

This plan focuses on cosmetic fixes so your smile looks great. That means your teeth need to be healthy and restored before beginning any cosmetic treatments. If you have cavities or damaged teeth, these will need to be addressed before starting a smile makeover. Also, some treatments might not work well for you. Teeth contouring smooths out imperfections in your enamel so your teeth look smooth and even, but this process removes thin layers of enamel. If your enamel is already thin, you might have to go with a different treatment. Other than that, you can get a smile makeover if you are ready to get a winning smile.

Can You Show Me What My Teeth Could Look Like?

The whole point in getting a smile makeover is to help your smile look its best. That’s what cosmetic treatments do. Sometimes, it’s hard to imagine exactly what your smile will look like after the stains are lifted, the chips are filled, and the crooked teeth are made straight again. To help with this, Roseville, CA dentist Dr. Miller can give you several previews of your new smile. After measurements and images are taken of your current teeth, we will create a wax model of your teeth. This lets you better see what they will look like. Dr. Miller can also arrange for a digital image of the end result. And if you are including Invisalign in your smile makeover, you can get an Invisalign preview as well.

What Is Included In A Smile Makeover?

Any treatment that makes your smile look great can be part of your smile makeover. Usually, these include tooth bonding, teeth whitening, dental veneers and Lumineers®, CEREC dental crowns, gum reshaping, and orthodontics like ClearCorrect or Invisalign.

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