Find A Solution To Your Mouth Pain In Roseville – Fast!

If you’ve been enduring oral pain because you’re afraid of the dentist, we don’t blame you. A lot of people have had bad experiences, and around 15 million Americans have dental anxiety. But you don’t have to suffer! Dr. David Miller is a Roseville, CA dentist who takes a compassionate approach to dental anxiety.

At Advanced Dental Concepts, we understand that sometimes you can’t just “get over it,” even when visiting an office like ours that will do everything we can to make you feel safe. That’s why we offer dental sedation options.

Sedation dentistry comes with a number of advantages beyond calming your nerves. You can also:

  • Receive multiple procedures during one appointment
  • Accept local anesthesia with no fear
  • Avoid triggering a sensitive gag reflex

Don’t suffer through mouth pain or emotional pain. Opt out of your discomfort altogether by calling us at 916-786-4865.

Treat Small Dental Problems Before They Become Big Ones

The most obvious argument for seeking treatment is to alleviate pain. But there are several other reasons to visit our dental office if you have a toothache or other oral pain:

  • Pain is the best way for your body to tell you that something is wrong. If your mouth hurts, it usually means you have some kind of injury or infection.
  • Quick treatment is more efficient than a wait-and-see approach. Tooth decay and injury generally don’t go away naturally, but they do tend to get worse if left untreated.
  • Most dental damage, if ignored, has the same worst-case scenario: tooth loss. Visiting us when you’re in pain allows us to save your natural tooth and keep your smile full and attractive.

If you’ve allowed your pain to become extreme due to your dental phobia, you could greatly benefit from oral conscious sedation. In short, oral conscious sedation feels like freedom from fear. You’ll feel drowsy and will be able to respond to your doctor, but your anxiety will melt away. You may not even remember your appointment!

Break free from your cycle of pain and fear with world-class treatment and sedation options from Advanced Dental Concepts. Call us now at 916-786-4865.

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