Having A Hard Time Chewing? We Can Replace Teeth And Relieve Pain

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Eating food is much more than just something to stop you from starving. Food is a comfort for many people. It’s also a social experience. You get together with friends and family over a big meal to celebrate. Even a date night is not complete without dinner. When you are having a hard time chewing, that means you are having a hard time socializing and comforting yourself. That’s why we offer a number of treatments to help get you back to chewing normally.

Why Does My Jaw Hurt When I Chew?

Some people hear a popping or clicking noise when they chew. Others can feel discomfort or even pain in the jaw. This could be the result of TMD, or temporomandibular disorder. If the joints on either side of your jaw get sore, they can make it harder to chew, drink, and even talk. At our Roseville, CA dental office, Dr. Miller holds advanced standing in four different TMD organizations, so he has several ways to help with TMD including coronoplasty, restructuring, and orthodontics.

Why Do I Get Headaches After Chewing?

If you suffer from TMD, you could be experiencing more than just jaw noise and pain. A misaligned jaw causing TMD can also lead to headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain, and tinnitus. If you have chronic headaches or migraines, TMD could be the cause.

Will I Have To Get An Ugly Metal Filling?

Sometimes, the difficulty in chewing comes from damaged teeth. Tooth decay can damage the enamel, allowing pressure to reach the nerve endings inside the tooth. This can lead to pain when chewing. A filling is the typical treatment for tooth decay, but Advanced Dental Concepts offers porcelain inlays and onlays that are 100 percent metal free. These will repair the damage and protect it from getting worse. Because they are made from porcelain or zirconia and are color-matched to your teeth, they will look completely natural.

What If I’m Missing A Tooth?

If you’re missing teeth, you could be having a difficult time eating some foods. It’s hard to grind food if you’re missing a molar, for example. Depending on how many teeth you need replacing, you can get dental implants or dentures.

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