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Sharing a meal with family or friends is one of life’s greatest joys. But if you have difficulty chewing food because of jaw pain, you may not feel very joyous. You need a Roseville, CA dentist with the training and skills to put an end to your pain. You need Dr. David Miller at Advanced Dental Concepts.

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A customized oral appliance from our office is a noninvasive treatment that will yield several rewards:

  • Alleviation of TMJ pain and pressure
  • Prevention of damage to your enamel from clenching and grinding
  • Reduction and even elimination of headaches and migraines

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Get Treatment For Your Pain From An Expert

Our office is able to offer an ideal solution to your TMJ pain because Dr. David Miller holds advanced standing in four different organizations that treat TMJ dysfunction. He’s an expert on jaw pain and can get your mouth back to normal! We offer four treatments that could provide a solution to TMJ pain:

  • Coronoplasty
  • Restructuring
  • Orthodontics
  • Dental appliances

If you have chewing problems that aren’t related to jaw pain, we have solutions for those, too.

Safely Restore Damaged Or Missing Teeth

If your smile has damaged or missing teeth, you’re probably familiar with the struggle of trying to eat harder foods or chewing with one side of your mouth. We can treat these issues in a number of ways and have you enjoying your favorite dish at Biba’s in no time!

  • Tooth decay can lead to pain when chewing, which can be resolved with . Typically, we will treat this with a metal-free tooth filling . For more serious damage, we offer porcelain inlays and onlays  and same-day dental crowns.
  • Missing teeth can make chewing a miserable experience. It’s hard to grind food if you’re missing a molar, for example. Enjoy a comfortable and natural-looking solution with a tooth replacement or full-mouth reconstruction, which we can provide with dentures or dental implants.

If you’re having a hard time chewing or experiencing jaw pain, it’s time to get a safe and effective solution from Advanced Dental Concepts. Call us at 916-786-4865 to book your appointment.

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