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Your oral health is maintained through a partnership between you and your Roseville, CA dentist. In addition to practicing good dental hygiene at home, you should be visiting Advanced Dental Concepts at least twice every year for dental cleanings and exams.

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Biannual visits are essential for keeping your smile free of bacteria and preventing small issues from becoming big ones. Dr. David Miller and his team offer several services you can’t get at home, such as:

  • Removal of tartar – hardened plaque – with special dental hygienist tools
  • Polishing, which removes plaque and leaves your teeth shiny and clean
  • Oral cancer screening for symptoms you could miss
  • Gum disease assessment and, when necessary, treatment recommendation

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Protect Your Health With Preventive Dental Care

Benjamin Franklin said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of curse.” That’s especially true of your oral health. Gum disease, one of the most common infections in the human body, has been linked to heart disease, cancer, lung disease, and diabetes. Your mouth is the gateway to the rest of your health, and we can help you keep it safe and clean!

Dr. David Miller is a holistic dentist. This means he will look for more than problems with your teeth. Our comprehensive examination includes:

  • Reviewing your medical and dental histories
  • Examining your head, neck, and jaw joints
  • Computerized Joint Vibrational Analysis (JVA) for signs of bruxism
  • Checking your dental bite (occlusion)
  • T-SCAN analysis of the timing and forces on your teeth during function
  • Thorough oral cancer examination
  • Screening for sleep apnea

Whether you’re here for your first dental visit in years or just your first one with us, we’ll provide this careful evaluation of your health so that we can prepare a tailor-made treatment plan. You’ll discuss exam results with Dr. David Miller, as well as any problems you’ve been having lately and your dental goals.

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