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In order to keep your smile in top shape, you should visit a general dentist at least twice every year. But you might not know what is considered general dentistry. In short, it’s primary health care for your smile. When you visit a Roseville, CA dentist, you’re trusting them to take care of your oral health. And when you choose Dr. David Miller at Advanced Dental Concepts, you’re choosing someone who will help protect your whole body health.

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There are a lot of reasons to regularly visit your dentist:

  • To keep your smile clean, healthy, and attractive
  • To prevent cavities from developing or progressing
  • To avoid gum disease
  • To learn helpful oral hygiene routines

When you choose Advanced Dental Concepts, you’ll get even more than that. In consideration of our holistic approach, all of our procedures, from preventive care to advanced treatments, have been carefully designed and evaluated to be safe and helpful for your overall health – not just your teeth and gums.

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Get All The Dental Care You Need In One Office

We offer several types of general dental care so that you can enjoy a healthy, happy smile. Some of our services include:

  • Dental cleanings and dental exams
  • Nonsurgical gum disease treatment
  • Bad breath diagnosis and treatment
  • Dry mouth diagnosis and treatment
  • Athletic mouthguards for sports

Although Dr. David Miller can help you with any dental problems you might have, our priority is to find and treat small problems before they become big ones. Not only does that save you time and money, but it also protects you from a lot of pain!

During dental exams, we look for early signs of oral cancer. Our DIAGNOdent system uses a special laser to detect very small cavities. You can even get checked for sleep apnea and TMJ disorders, which we often treat with custom mouthguards.

Protect your smile and your body with biannual visits to Advanced Dental Concepts for general dentistry care. Call us at 916-786-4865 to schedule your appointment. Or use our handy online form.

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