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When you have a family, you are responsible for taking care of them. That includes protecting their health, especially their teeth and gums. As the gateway to your overall health, your oral health should be entrusted to a Roseville, CA dentist who can offer first-rate care to everyone in your family. Dr. David Miller is a family dentist who will meet your standards and keep your life simpler.

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Family dentistry typically refers to practices that can treat your entire family. But some dentists won’t even see young children! Our family dental care extends to the whole family – including your little ones. That’s great for a number of reasons:

  • Taking everyone to one location will save you time, money, and gas for your car!
  • Because we will treat all ages and stages, you don’t ever have to change dentists. That way, there’s no risk for a gap in your records.
  • If your family has any dental traits or habits that can be inherited, we’ll know to look for them as we treat different members.
  • Kids who visit our office with their parents and get used to it will be less likely to feel nervous or scared when it’s time for their first examination.
  • It’s easier for us to build rapport with someone if we’ve got a relationship with the whole family. When there’s trust between the dental team and your loved ones, there’s less anxiety.

Give your family the gift of great dental care. Call us at 916-786-4865 to book appointments for all your loved ones.

Providing Customized Dental Care For The Ones You Love

Our family dental services are based on personalized treatment for each patient. We provide care for specific issues and specific life stages, including pediatric dentistry.

  • Children as young as 1 should come see us for a “happy visit” to help us set the right tone for future dental care. At your child’s first dental visit, Dr. Miller will check their teeth and gums, but our goal is to demystify the dentist.
  • Teething is rarely pain-free, so we have several suggestions to help your little ones get through it. We’ll monitor teeth as they grow to be sure everything is on track, and we can offer advice on thumb sucking  if it starts to affect development.
  • Teens often need orthodontic treatment to correct the alignment of their adult teeth. We have several treatments to choose from, including traditional braces, Incognito™ braces, Invisalign, and Six Month Smiles.

Give Your Family The Dental Care They Deserve

We have three sedation options to help our patients relax. So if you have dental anxiety, Dr. David Miller can help you discover which type of sedation is best for you. We even offer nitrous oxide, which is safe for kids.

If you’re ready for first-class family dentistry, call Advanced Dental Concepts today at 916-786-4865 or contact us online.

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