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The health of your mouth can and does affect your overall health. Likewise, your overall health can affect your mouth as well.

This is a big part of why we are focused on providing holistic dentistry in Roseville, CA. We want you to be the healthiest person that you can be, and that includes having a healthy smile.

For Dr. David Miller and our team at Advanced Dental Concepts, you are much more than just a set of teeth. You are a person who deserves to be treated with respect and who deserves dental care that meets your needs.

To learn more about our approach, keep reading, or call 916-945-9985 to schedule an appointment with us.

What We Mean by Holistic Care

Every individual who visits our practice has different needs, and knowing this we want each person who comes to our office to feel as comfortable as possible. When you know you are visiting a dental office where people listen to you, you can feel more relaxed about your appointment, whether you are getting routine cleaning or a complicated treatment.

This includes the materials we use when providing your dental care. We offer metal-free fillings and other materials. We use latex-free gloves, and we offer fluoride-free options for our patients.

If you have questions about what we use, feel free to ask. You deserve to know what is being used to take care of you and your smile.

X-rays remain an important diagnostic tool, but we also realize less radiation is better for everyone involved. That’s why we use digital X-ray equipment, which uses a small fraction of the radiation of old film X-ray machines.

As a general rule, we avoid materials that could be harmful to you. As we noted above, your oral health and your overall health are interconnected.

It’s About More than Just Your Teeth

Did you know that people with gum disease are two to three times more likely to have heart attacks? Likewise, people who are missing teeth are more likely to suffer from malnutrition.

In other words, keep your mouth free from infection is a good idea for everyone. That’s why we encourage all our patients to make preventive care a priority. That starts with your daily brushing and flossing routine, but you also can benefit from regular cleanings and exams by our dental professionals. This gives us an opportunity to remove plaque and tartar or to identify decay and gum disease early. That means fewer and less invasive treatments for you if there is a problem developing.

Along that same line of thinking, we offer sleep apnea treatment as well. Studies have shown that people who don’t treat this sleep disorder face an increased risk of high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and heart disease.

Maintain Your Healthy Smile

When you visit Advanced Dental Concepts, you can feel confident that you will be treated by people who care about much more than your smile. We want you to live the healthiest life possible in 2019 and beyond.

Call 916-945-9985 today or contact us online to request an appointment with us. Let us show you how beneficial holistic dental care can be.

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