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You were ready for the final showdown. The heroes were getting ready to confront the villain in the final showdown of the movie.

As you anticipated the fight on the big screen, you bite down — hard — on a handful of popcorn. Unfortunately, one of the kernels was unpopped and now you have serious pain in your mouth. You really don’t want to get up, but this is unbearable.

You get up to go to the bathroom. When you take a look in the mirror, your tooth appears to be cracked with a kernel wedged into it. You don’t want to live in pain, and you really want to fix your tooth as soon as possible.

So, you plan a visit to Dr. David Miller at Advanced Dental Concepts in Roseville, CA, where you can get a same-day dental crown. Just call 916-786-4865 to make your appointment.

What We Can Do

If you previously got a crown or know someone who got a crown, you might find it hard to believe that you can get one in a single visit to a dental office. We can assure you that it is possible, and it’s something we do regularly at our office.

Using the CEREC system, we can create your crown in a matter of a few hours in our office. We can check the fit and bond it to your tooth shortly thereafter. You can leave with a natural-looking tooth that functions as well as it ever has.

After making a digital scan of your mouth, we use computer-aided design to develop a plan to turn a cube of porcelain into your replacement tooth. The CEREC milling machine does this work.

Our team will reshape your cracked tooth to form an abutment. This is where we will place your crown when it is ready.

This is a much faster way to get your smile back in shape than the old way of making crowns. Impressions of your teeth were taken and sent to a dental lab. Your tooth was reshaped and you received a temporary crown. In the weeks you wait for your crown to be completed and returned from the lab, you run a risk of that temporary crown coming loose or falling off, which could create a new set of problems.

Even if everything goes well, you still have to make two trips to the dentist to get your crown the old way. With our CEREC crowns, you can restore your tooth in one visit and leave with a permanent crown.

More Problems Crowns Can Fix

In our introduction, we mentioned that crowns can be used to repair cracked teeth. That’s just one of the reasons, you may want to get one for yourself.

Crowns also can be used to repair discolored teeth, misshapen teeth, broken teeth, worn-down teeth, and decayed teeth (when the decay is too large for a filling).

Ready To Repair Your Tooth?

If so, then call Advanced Dental Concepts to make an appointment to get your same-day dental crown. Call 916-786-4865 or contact us online.

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