Sleep Apnea Can Be Scary

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On Halloween, many people like to dress up as something scary. Ghosts, vampires, and werewolves can make things spooky … but there are real problems that are much scarier.

Problems like sleep apnea.

People with this condition are more likely to have heart attacks and strokes and to be involved in car accidents.

Knowing this, we may be able to help you with our sleep apnea treatment if you are in or near Roseville, CA. If you have concerns about this condition, call 916-945-9985 to schedule a consultation with Dr. David Miller here at Advanced Dental Concepts.

Why Sleep Apnea Is a Problem

People with sleep apnea stop breathing when they fall asleep, even if they don’t realize it. Your body will wake you up when this happens — potentially hundreds of times per night. These awakenings are often so brief that you don’t remember them, but they do allow you to take a few breaths.

These problems are often the result of your airways slowly closing as your muscles relax when your drift off to sleep. This is what happens to people with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), which is the most common type of this sleep disorder.

When you can’t breathe, this causes stress on your body. Your body release hormones in response to this that cause you to wake up so you can breathe and increase your risk of high blood pressure. That, in turn, raise your risk of heart and cardiovascular disease.

By waking up so often, you rarely (if ever) reach the stages of deep sleep. This can lead to sleep deprivation, which is the reason you are a greater risk for auto accidents, among other things.

To put it mildly, leaving your OSA untreated is bad for your health … and it could be bad for your spouse or partner, too.

Symptoms of OSA

Whether this is the first time you’ve heard of sleep apnea or you’ve known about it for years, take a moment to learn some of the most common symptoms:

  • Loud and constant snoring
  • Frequent breathing stoppages
  • Daytime sleepiness
  • Irritability

Many people with sleep apnea also report morning headaches and dry mouth.

Nevertheless, snoring is often the first symptom that people notice. Often that is the bed partner of the person with sleep apnea. As a result, that person may have difficulty getting a full night’s sleep as well.

If your spouse complains about your snoring, it might be a good idea to ask about your breathing as well. If they have noticed those breathing stoppages, then it would be a good idea to talk to Dr. Miller about your situation.

We can help you arrange an in-home sleep screening, which can help determine if you have this sleep disorder. If you do, we can discuss treatment options, such as an oral appliance we can design for you to wear while you sleep.

Get the Healthy Sleep You Deserve

Quit snoring. Keep breathing. Get the deep sleep that you need.

To get back to getting healthy sleep, start by making an appointment at Advanced Dental Concepts. Call 916-945-9985 now or contact us online.

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