Oral Health Affects More Than Just Your Mouth

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Your mouth is part of your body.

We know that’s not exactly a shocking statement. Yet, this isn’t something that many people think about when looking for a general or family dentist.

Having a healthy mouth can go a long way toward improving or maintaining your overall health. This is why we see ourselves as a holistic dentist office serving Roseville, CA and the surrounding communities.

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What We Mean by Holistic

What comes to mind when you hear someone talk about being holistic? It might be a focus on natural or herbal treatments.

For our dentist, Dr. David Miller, and the rest of our team, this means focusing on solutions that are beneficial for your oral health while minimizing risks to your overall health. To a degree, practicing good oral health with help with that already.

For example, bacteria that is linked to gum disease has been found in the hearts of people with cardiovascular disease and related problems. By keeping your gum disease under control, you may be reducing your risk of a heart attack or stroke.

We also focus on metal-free dentistry whenever possible.

If you develop a cavity (which unfortunately more than 90 percent of people do in the United States), you won’t get an amalgam filling at our practice. Amalgam is a blend of mercury and other metals.

To be clear, the American Dental Association says that amalgam fillings are safe. Regardless, mercury can expand by as much as 4 percent. This can lead to cracks in teeth over time, which means these fillings can actually cause more damage.

That also can allow problems to develop under the metal filling. We’ve removed decay and black mold from many teeth that had old amalgam fillings over the years.

Since 1992, we have used only tooth-colored resin fillings at our practice. These fillings contain no metal, and they match the color of your natural tooth, which is better for the appearance of your smile.

Patient Safety is Always on Our Minds

We are always looking for ways to make dental care better and safer without sacrificing effective treatment for our patients.

Years ago, we switched to digital X-rays at our office. These provide the same information as film X-rays, and since the images are digital, we can see them almost right away our office computers. We don’t need to keep photographic chemical to develop the film, and digital X-rays machines use a fraction of the radiation of old film X-ray machines.

We also know that many people experience latex allergies. With that in mind, we are a latex-free practice. And for patients who prefer fluoride-free options, we have those as well.

Healthy Mouths, Healthy Patients

Good daily dental hygiene and routine professional care are both essential for your oral and overall health. Your family deserves care from a dental team that cares about more than just your mouth.

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