Keep Calm & Treat Your TMJ Disorder

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Are you having any of these symptoms?

⃞ Jaw pain

⃞ Jaw stiffness

⃞ Frequent headaches or earaches

⃞ Facial pain or soreness

⃞ Neck, upper back, or shoulder pain

⃞ Clicking sounds when you open and close your mouth

⃞ Feeling like you can’t open or close your mouth completely

Any of these may be a symptom of TMJ disorder. Millions of people are affected by TMDs, and many more experience TMJ problems from time to time. If you are one of them, Dr. David Miller of Advanced Dental Concepts wants to help.

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Feel Better Again

If you are living with a TMJ disorder, then you probably have noticed how it can interfere with your daily activities.

A severe headache or earache can make it difficult to focus on what you are trying to do. It also might prevent you from doing things you would like to do, such as spending time with family and friends.

Jaw pain can affect what you eat. Many people find that their jaws feel sore during or after meals. Sometimes eating soft foods for a week or so can ease the pain. If this is a recurring problem, however, that could be a good indication of a TMD.

The pain in your jaw can affect the surrounding muscles as well, which is why this condition can cause pain from your face to your shoulders.

By addressing the root cause of your condition, you can stop many of these problems from becoming chronic issues.

Stop The Grind

Arthritis in the jaw joints, infections, and injuries also can contribute to TMJ troubles. Jaw and bite alignment issues can be a factor as well.

But one of the most common contributing factors is teeth grinding. Many people do this in their sleep or subconsciously as a reaction to stressful situations.

Clenching and grinding are bad for your teeth. It can cause wear and tear or cracks to form, too. It also puts added pressure on the jaw joints, which can cause problems with the surrounding muscle tissue as well.

We can analyze your jaw with the K7 system. This can help us understand what needs to be done and to measure your progress over time. Your treatment may include:

  • A dental splint
  • Anti-inflammatory medicine
  • Physical therapy
  • Orthodontics

By attacking your situation from multiple angles, we can do more than treat the symptoms. We can address the root cause of your particular problem.

Take Control Of Your Day

Wouldn’t you love to wake up without feeling like you need to reach for some ibuprofen or another pain reliever? Would you like to enjoy eating a meal without worrying how much you can eat before you jaw hurts again?

At Advanced Dental Concepts, we can help you find the right TMJ treatment, so you can enjoy your life with less pain. Call 916-786-4865 or contact us online.

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