Why Invisalign Is Great For Adults Needing Orthodontics

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It’s never good having crooked, misaligned teeth. They look unusual, but they’re also a dental health problem. Your teeth can grind together in odd ways, wearing down the enamel and weakening the teeth. You can also add stress to your jaw joints, leading to TMJ disorder.

But for many adults, braces are not a solution. They fear how they will look wearing braces for 2-3 years, even though this orthodontic treatments works perfectly well.

If this is you, call our Roseville, CA dental office today at 916-945-9985 and make your initial appointment for Invisalign clear aligners. These will give you the straight teeth you need and deserve, but they are very different from braces. In fact, they’re practically invisible.

Why Adults Have Crooked Teeth

Some think that crooked teeth are only for teenagers, but that’s incorrect. Many adults find themselves with a misaligned smile for several reasons:

  • Not everyone gets braces as a teen: While it’s almost a tradition these days for teenagers to get braces, not everyone does. Sometimes, the cost is a factor. Other times, the teeth are crooked but not too bad. These just get worse as you get older.
  • Your teeth are never locked in place: Even if you had braces long ago, it’s not like your teeth are stuck forever in that position. While they won’t suddenly move around in your jaw, they can and will get out of position after so many years of chewing.
  • Injuries and accidents happen: If you get hit hard enough in your mouth, you could have damaged teeth. However, these can also be knocked out of alignment and look crooked.

Why Invisalign Works Great For Adults

What is Invisalign? It’s a modern orthodontic treatment for gently repositioning your teeth and jaw. Instead of metal brackets and wires, they’re a series of clear plastic trays. Each one is shaped a bit different from the next. By wearing them in the right order, they slowly guide your teeth and jaw to where they should be.

That’s reason enough for Invisalign, as the Invisalign results are comparable to those from braces. But here are a few other reasons why Invisalign works so well for adults.

– Invisalign is much more comfortable.

It’s not common, but you can catch the inside of your mouth on your braces. This can be painful and can even lead to scars there. Plus, it can feel uncomfortable just to have that much metal on your teeth. But Invisalign is clear, smooth plastic trays that fit right over your teeth. Not only is that more comfortable, there’s nothing for the inside of your mouth to catch on.

– Invisalign can be finished in much less time.

All orthodontic treatment must be done slowly so you don’t damage your teeth or jaw. For traditional braces, that usually means wearing them for 2-3 years before your teeth are where they need to be. Invisalign is much quicker, with many people being finished in just one single year. That means Invisalign can save you time and hassle.

– Invisalign won’t leave stains behind on your teeth.

In order for the brackets of traditional braces to stick on your teeth, a dentist has to cement them in place. This cement comes off, but in some cases, it leaves behind a stain on your teeth. Because Invisalign doesn’t include anything sticking to your teeth like that, there’s nothing that can stain your teeth either.

– Invisalign does not have any eating restrictions.

There are several foods that you cannot eat while wearing traditional braces. Some foods are too sticky (like gum), while others are tough enough that they can damage your orthodontics (like hard pretzels). When you wear braces, you have to change your lifestyle a bit. Invisalign can be taken out at any time, so you can eat whatever you want. Just be sure to brush before putting Invisalign clear aligners back on.

– Invisalign is all but invisible when worn over your teeth.

Some adults don’t want to get braces because they are worried about how they’ll look. That’s unfortunate, but that’s also reasonable. Invisalign is made from clear plastic. When worn over your teeth, someone would have to be standing very close to you in order to even notice you had orthodontics.

Call Advanced Dental Concepts today at 916-945-9985 or use our convenient online form to make your appointment to start with Invisalign clear aligners.

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