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Dealing with crooked teeth or alignment problems can be painful and distracting. No one wants to have crooked teeth hurt their appearance, and that’s why our Roseville CA dental office offers a number of orthodontic options to give you a straighter, brighter smile.

Most dental offices will refer patients out for orthodontic treatment, but Advanced Dental Concepts can handle all of your orthodontic care here! We are helping adults and children overcome their crooked teeth. And we have different methods of treatment, too, depending on the severity of your orthodontics issues.

Today we want to discuss the benefits of straight teeth and the 3 different orthodontic solutions that we offer.

Come to our Roseville CA Dental Office To Straighten Teeth

Every person’s smile is different, and there are many different ways to help people struggling with crooked teeth. Some of us have severe alignment problems while others only have mildly crooked teeth. Years ago, traditional braces were the only way to treat alignment problems. The treatment typically took about two years. The problem is that not everyone needs extensive orthodontic care or wants to wear braces. Here are the 3 ways that we can help your smile with orthodontics.

Traditional braces — Traditional braces are ideal for children and adults with severe alignment issues or bite problems. Traditional braces are the gold standard of orthodontic treatment and very predictable. They are also great for children because we can map out the entire treatment, and the child doesn’t have the option to remove the brackets from their teeth.

Invisalign —  Invisalign is a clear orthodontic system that uses aligners, instead of fixed appliances, to move the teeth into a more appropriate position. The aligners are virtually invisible, which makes them perfect for our adult patients who want subtle treatment. Invisalign is also removable, making it easier for you to clean your teeth and eat whatever you want.

Six Month Smiles — This system is ideal for minor tooth movement. And though you’ll still need to wear braces, the treatment takes only six months to complete.

The Benefits of Straightening Teeth

The first thing you’ll notice about straight teeth is that they look great. But a great-looking smile and more more self-esteem are hardly the only benefits of having straight teeth. There are medical benefits, too. Here are a few:

  • Prevent tooth wear — When the bite is off, the teeth do not connect with equal balance, causing abnormal tooth wear. That can lead to rapid enamel loss or even tooth failure.
  • Less risk of injury — Crooked teeth or a bite bite can actually increase the risk of dental trauma, leading to chips, cracks or breaks in your teeth.
  • Easier to clean — Harmful plaque and acids love to hide in hard-to-reach places. By straightening the teeth, your mouth will be healthier because the teeth are  easier to clean.
  • Less strain on jaw — An uneven bite will cause pressure or tenderness on jaw muscles and joints. We often use orthodontic treatment to help patients resolve their TMJ issues.

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You don’t have to visit an orthodontist to treat your crooked teeth. We are trained in many aspects of orthodontics, AND we can handle your regular dental care. It makes sense to get all of your treatment under one roof. If you need a great family dentist and want to resolve your issue with pesky crooked teeth, give us a call today at 916-297-4346 to book an appointment.

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