Fix Your Smile Faster With a CEREC Crown

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It’s easier than you expected.

You went to our office in Roseville, CA with a broken tooth. A few hours later, you left with a new tooth. Getting a CEREC dental crown was simpler than you would have imagined.

Your CEREC crown looks like a natural tooth. Plus, you can bite and chew as well as you could before your tooth was broken.

All you had to do was visit Advanced Dental Concepts, where Dr. David Miller and our team helped you restore what you had lost. Calling 916-786-4865 was one of the best decisions you’ve made with regard to your oral health.

Understand The ‘Old Way’

Many of our patients are surprised by how quickly they can get a dental crown at our practice. Some have gotten crowns previously from other places. Others have known family or friends who have gotten crowns.

What we consider, the old way of doing this could take weeks and multiple dental visits. During one visit, the dentist will take an impression of their teeth. The impression will be sent to a dental lab, so they can design the crown.

The dentist will reshape the tooth into an abutment. Then, the patient will receive a temporary crown. This is primarily meant to protect the tooth until the permanent crown is ready. In the meantime, the patient needs to be careful about biting or chewing with a temporary crown. We’ve heard stories about these temporary crowns breaking, cracking, and coming loose. That can explore the tooth and create other problems.

Assuming someone doesn’t have any of those issues, they still may have to wait for weeks until their permanent crown is ready. The location of the lab relative to the dentist office and the number of requests they received prior to the patient’s crown are just two of the factors that could cause delays.

When the crown is finally ready, the patient will need to make another appointment and take more time off work to have the crown placed.

To us, this process seems more complicated than it needs to be in a day when you can get a pizza delivered to your house in under an hour, have your oil changed in 30 minutes, or watch movies on-demand in your home.

See It For Yourself

By coming to Advanced Dental Concepts, you can experience the benefits of some of the most advanced technology in restorative dentistry.

During your visit, we use digital imaging to create a three-dimensional scan of your mouth. That data will be used to design your dental crown using computer-assisted design. A ceramic cube will be reshaped in by our in-office milling machine to create a crown that is the right shape and size for your smile.

While that’s happening, your tooth will be reshaped into an abutment. Before you leave, you can have your permanent crown. Your smile will look complete, and you can bite and chew comfortably again.

And you won’t need to come back again … except for your routine cleanings and exams.

Let’s Fix Your Tooth

You don’t need to wait to repair your broken tooth. You can fix your cracked and decayed teeth in one visit as well. Just come to our Roseville, CA office to get your CEREC same-day dental crown. Call 916-786-4865 or contact us online to request an appointment.

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