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Having crooked teeth can definitely hurt your self-esteem and maybe even make you so self-conscious that you’ll try to hide your teeth behind closed lips when you smile. To find out how we can help you straighten out your teeth so you can feel more confident, call Advanced Dental Concepts at 916-945-9985 to book an orthodontics consultation with us today.

We know and appreciate that every patient is unique, so we offer various options for dental treatments at our Roseville, CA dentist office. No matter your particular set of smile flaws, we most likely have a cosmetic dentistry treatment that will help you feel more self-assured. With our help, you may just be able to:

  • Feel totally confident smiling and saying “cheese” for the camera
  • Enjoy meeting new people more because you’ll be less worried about your smile and make a great first impression
  • Improve your oral health because your teeth will be easier to clean thoroughly
  • Enjoy compliments from friends and loved ones alike
  • Get a little boost to your mood every time you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror

Because making time for a dental appointment – or several, depending on the treatment you get – can be a major pain, we offer some early morning hours that many other dentists don’t. On Mondays and Wednesdays, we open at 8:00 a.m., an hour earlier than nine-to-five dentists do. We also open even earlier at 6:00 a.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Dental insurance policies change frequently. So you’ll know what to expect in terms of dental bills, we’ll happily discuss your insurance with you and what you can anticipate paying. We also accept a wide variety of payment options aside from insurance so you can get the care you need regardless of whether you have a policy or not.

Check Out Our Various Orthodontics Options

From the moment you arrive at our Roseville, CA dentist office, we will make you feel heard and valued. We’ll listen intently to your concerns and answer your questions using approachable language. Instead of pressuring you into particular treatments, we will empower you to make the decisions concerning your smile.

To help you determine the ideal option for your particular situation, we will review any that you are interested in with you. If you have any questions at all or just want us to repeat or clarify something, just let us know! We’re here to help you, after all.

To learn some basics on each of our teeth-straightening options, read on below.

Traditional Braces

Braces that use metal wires and brackets to gradually straighten teeth have been used for a very long time and will continue to be used for a long time to come because they work very well for a large variety of patients with various alignment issues.

While some people don’t want to deal with metal on their smile for months or even years, traditional braces do work very well for a lot of people. Especially if your alignment problems are somewhat severe, you should at least consider straightening your teeth with braces.

Along with straightening your teeth, braces can typically be used to address other related problems, like underbites and overbites.

Once you have your braces on, we’ll explain how to care for them and give you some information to take with you. You’ll need a little practice to brush and floss around your braces, but we’ll help you navigate that change so you can keep your smile healthy and beautiful while you’re straightening your teeth.

Incognito™ Braces By 3M

If your case could benefit most from traditional braces but you don’t want to deal with metal being visible on the front of your teeth, you may want to consider Incognito™ braces. These work just like traditional braces but the brackets and wires are attached to the backs of your teeth on the side where your tongue is.

This innovative approach to braces has helped many patients and we’d be happy to assist you with it if you’re a good candidate.

Six Month Smiles

If you want to get straight teeth as quickly as possible, you may want to consider Six Month Smiles. As the name says, the average treatment time is just about a half a year.

This option does use metal brackets and wires, but because the treatment focuses solely on straightening your front teeth, it can be completed much more quickly than a traditional braces treatment could. Many patients find it worth it to have metal in their smile for a relatively short period because the treatment time is so short compared to the lasting benefit.

Invisalign & ClearCorrect

We also offer Invisalign and ClearCorrect, two similar treatment options that use a series of clear plastic aligners to straighten your teeth. As the alignment of your teeth gradually improves with each aligner, you’ll start using the next set and be one step closer to a set of straight teeth.

Compared to other options for straightening teeth, Invisalign and ClearCorrect offer many perks. Regardless of which option you choose, your clear aligners will:

  • Be removable so you can take them out for special occasions and meals
  • Allow you to brush and floss your teeth like normal since you can take them out
  • Be very discreet so no one will notice that you are straightening your teeth in the first place
  • Allow you to eat the foods you love without worry about damaging your orthodontic treatment

No matter the particular option you choose for straightening your teeth, you’ll enjoy the cosmetic benefits and also some oral health ones as well. As mentioned above, you’ll be able to thoroughly floss and brush your teeth with less trouble once they are straight. Improving the alignment of your teeth isn’t just a cosmetic concern!

Don’t wait any longer to get the straight set of teeth that you’ve always wanted – for an orthodontics consultation with our cosmetic dentist, call Advanced Dental Concepts at 916-945-9985. You can also use our handy online form to book a visit or swing by our Roseville, CA dentist office during our normal business hours if you’d like.

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