Find A Solution To Your TMJ Disorder

Put your fingers on the side of your face, just below your ears. Now, open and close your mouth. When you do this, you can probably feel your temporomandibular joints moving.

These are the ball-and-socket joints that connect your lower jaw to the rest of your skull. It’s also what allows you to open and close your mouth to speak, eat, and sing.

It can also be the center of TMJ disorders, which can be painful and interfere with your daily life. It’s also a reason you should visit Advanced Dental Concepts. At our Roseville, CA practice, Dr. David Miller and our team could help you address the cause of your TMJ issues and spare you from the pain and suffering you may be feeling.

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Symptoms Of TMJ Troubles

It won’t surprise you that jaw pain is a common symptom for people with TMJ issues. The can come in a variety of ways. It may be a kind of constant soreness. It may intensify when you’ve been actively using your jaw, such as during a meal or after giving a presentation at work.

Jaw stiffness is another common concern among TMJ patients. At times, it may be painful to open or close your mouth. You may even feel as if your jaw is stuck or that you can’t completely open or close your mouth at times.

Many people also complain of headaches or earaches when they have TMJ disorders. It’s easy to dismiss this as something else since headaches can have multiple causes.

Since your TMJ can affect the muscles and tissues the connect to your jaw, you also may have face, neck, and upper back pain. Again, this may be unrelated to TMJ or your TMJ could be making those issues worse.

Some people also complain of clicking or popping sounds when the open and close their mouths. This can be the result of a misalignment of the upper and lower jaws.

If you are one or more of these problems frequently, we encourage you to talk to us soon.

Treating TMJ At The Dentist Office

By coming to Advanced Dental Concepts, you will get the benefits of the K7 system. This technology gives us advanced tools for evaluating your TMJ and assessing the progress of your treatment.

Many times, teeth grinding (which millions of people do unknowingly while they sleep) is a contributing factor to TMJ problems. We can design a dental splint for you to wear that will prevent the grinding from occurring.

Clenching and grinding also can wear down the enamel of your teeth, which is why we may recommend restorative care as well. Dental crowns can stop tooth sensitivity so you can bite and chew comfortably again.

If the alignment of your teeth is adding to your troubles, we can discuss orthodontic care. This realignment of your teeth can change how your bite fits together to reduce pressure on your jaw joints.

Those treatment options can be combined with physical therapy to repair and strengthen your jaw. Some patients also benefit from taking anti-inflammatory medication to reduce swelling.

Feel Better, Smile More

Anyone with a TMJ disorder wants to stop the pain. Dr. Miller and our team can help, but only if you visit our office in Roseville, CA. To request a consultation, fill out our online form or call 916-945-9985.

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