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As we enter the close of 2019, we look forward to getting together with family and friends. We are also excited about the food we’ll get to eat at Thanksgiving and Christmas … even if we still have some leftover sweets from Halloween.

Candy, turkey, ham, cookies, and so many other delicious foods will be prepared during the upcoming holiday season. If you only have traditional dentures, you may not be able to enjoy everything you would like, however. Biting and chewing are more difficult with dentures than they were when you had all your teeth.

But you can change that with dental implants from Advanced Dental Concepts. At our Roseville, CA practice, you can make your dentures feel stronger and function more like natural teeth again.

Just call 916-786-4865 to schedule a consultation. Discover how implants could make holiday feasts more fun in your future.

Put Whatever You Want On Your Plate

Your teeth are a major factor in the variety of foods you can eat and they affect how you speak, too. If either of these things is inhibited, it can have a detrimental effect on your quality of life.

Dentures are better than having no teeth at all, but they aren’t like a full set of teeth. For starters, they only allow you to bite with about one-fourth of the force as healthy teeth. On the other hand, getting implant-supported dentures can restore practically all your biting and chewing power.

With implants, you can pile your plate on Thanksgiving with all of your favorites — some delicious turkey, your aunt’s stuffing, maybe a piece of pecan pie for dessert.

Implants make dentures (as well as dental crowns and bridges) stable and secure. That allows you to eat with confidence and to bite and chew comfortably. When your replacement teeth don’t slide around, you also can feel more relaxed when you have something to say. It’s nice to know your dentures won’t slip or fall away when you want to talk to someone.

Getting To The Root Cause

Our teeth have crowns and roots. The crowns are what you see when you smile. The roots keep your teeth anchored to your jawbone. They are hidden by your gums.

Your roots also help you maintain your jaw health. When you eat, your roots stimulate your jawbone, which keeps it healthy and strong.

Dentures only replace the crowns of your missing teeth. While this can be good for your smile (at least at first), it won’t prevent bone loss in your jaw. By getting implants to support your dentures, you can provide the stimulation that your jaw needs.

Be Ready To Eat What You Want

Incomplete teeth replacements can limit your diet. You can eat a wider variety of foods, including foods that are good for your health and foods you really enjoy, by getting dental implants.

Your first step is making an appointment at Advanced Dental Concepts. Contact our Roseville, CA office by calling 916-786-4865 or filling out our online form.

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