Don’t Let TMJ Curse Your Thanksgiving! [BLOG]

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Migraines and muscle spasms are miserable any day of the week. But when you’re busy trying to prepare for the Thanksgiving holiday, those symptoms make your job much harder than it already is!

Chronic pain will hover over you all day long and cloud everything you do. With the stress and added responsibilities, especially during the holidays, it can make you feel exhausted, irritable, and downright miserable!

That’s why our team at Advanced Dental Concepts wants to make sure you don’t have to be cursed with disruptive pain and discomfort. You’re supposed to enjoy all the blessings of the upcoming season, not suffer through it!

Today, we’re spending the blog on a condition called TMJ disorder. We’re going to help you understand what TMJ disorder is, what the symptoms are, what causes it, and how we can help you with effective treatment in our Roseville, CA dental office!

Dr. Miller and all of us at Advanced Dental Concepts wants you to have a wonderful Thanksgiving, so let’s take a look at TMJ disorder and how we can help you avoid the curse of this condition!

Are You Cursed By Painful TMJ?

Take a look at some common symptoms of TMJ disorder and see if any of them are cursing your Thanksgiving preparations:

-Muscle tension in your back, neck, and shoulders

-Frequent painful headaches and migraines

-Jaw soreness / tenderness

-Facial pain

-Earache pain

-Teeth grinding and jaw clenching

-Popping or clicking sounds in your jaw joint

What’s behind these symptoms? It’s likely TMJ disorder, also referred to as TMD or simply TMJ. It affects your temporomandibular joint that lies below your ears and connects your jaw and skull.

It’s a joint that you use all day long. Because of that, it’s fairly common for that joint to become misaligned. Whether it’s because of an accident that traumatized your jaw or it’s from simple wear and tear, when the joint malfunctions, it’s quite uncomfortable!

Avoid The Curse Of TMJ This Season

TMJ disorder can affect anyone. It’s a condition that doesn’t discriminate! However, there are certain risk factors that could make you more likely to develop problems with your jaw joint.

Some of the more common risk factors for TMJ disorder affect people who:

-Have inflammatory arthritis

-High pain sensitivity

-Are women between ages 18-44

-Clench their jaw or grind their teeth

-Are under a great deal of stress

Knowing the risk factors and if you fall into one of those categories can get you one step closer to understanding the root cause of your uncomfortable symptoms. It will also help our team at Advanced Dental Concepts find the appropriate treatment that will help you find relief.

We offer a variety of treatment options for TMJ disorder. That’s all thanks to Dr. Miller’s commitment to advanced training and his vast experience with this condition. In fact, he’s part of an exclusive club among dental professionals because of his standing in four major TMJ organizations in the country.

So when you come to our Roseville, CA dental office, you know you’re in the hands of a highly-regarded leader in TMJ treatment!

You can choose from treatment options like:

-Dental Splints

-Anti-Inflammatory Medication

-Physical Therapy

-Orthodontic Treatment

-Restorative Dentistry

We can help you get to the bottom of your pain and muscle tension and avoid the curse of TMJ for the upcoming holiday season!

Accept The Blessing Of A Pain-Free Thanksgiving!

The holidays bring with them a slew of extra tasks for families. You have so much planning, shopping, cleaning, and cooking to do in order to prepare for Thanksgiving and the events that follow.

You’ll need to be at your best to stay on top of it all. With TMJ treatment at Advanced Dental Concepts, you can do handle all of it with ease. That’s because our treatments work to relieve the added pressure to your jaw, relax your muscles, and get you out of pain.

Let our team in Roseville, CA help you avoid the curse of TMJ pain this Thanksgiving. Make an appointment at Advanced Dental Concepts. You can call (916) 945-9985 or contact us online.


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