Don’t Let Dental Anxiety Lead To A Bad Smile

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Going to the dentist doesn’t have to make you very happy, but it also shouldn’t fill you with worry and dread. That’s called dental anxiety. The big problem with that is how it can make you skip regular and needed treatment. People with dental anxiety can let minor dental problems bloom into something very serious and unhealthy.

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Why You Might Have Some Dental Anxiety

First of all, dental anxiety is not some kind of fear that paralyzes you. Although that can be true is some very rare cases, it’s mostly when you think about going to the dentist and start to feel anxiety. As with any anxiety, it’s something that can make you refuse to go even if you want to. Staying away makes the anxiety disappear, so it’s hard to avoid that temptation.

Where does dental anxiety come from? It really depends on each individual’s history, but here are some common causes.

You heard stories of bad visits happening to other people.

Surprisingly, you don’t have to have a poor experience to have dental anxiety. Stories are powerful. If you’ve heard someone talking about a problem they had at a dental office, that story can stick with you and give you dental anxiety. This can even happen if you watched the story in a show or movie.

You had a bad experience yourself when you were young.

What happens to people when they’re kids has a long-lasting effect. Dental offices can be a bit scary to young children, as they’re full of strangers and weird noises. That means you can have dental anxiety as an adult if you had a bad dental experience when you were a child.

You are too used to being active and doing things.

This often happens to parents or managers. You’re so used to doing things and being in charge that the idea of sitting back and letting someone else do all the hard work is too much. You’re fine for a few minutes, but then you get this nagging feeling that you need to be up and doing stuff. That feeling can easily turn into dental anxiety.

You haven’t been to see a dentist in a long time.

Fear of the unknown can produce anxiety. So can worrying about getting a lecture. These combine when you haven’t gotten a dental exam in years. You might have anxiety worrying about what Dr. Miller will find — just how bad have things gotten?

Sedation Dentistry To Keep Your Smile Healthy

Sedation dentistry means using treatments to help you beat dental anxiety and get your needed dental care. Dr. Miller is your Roseville dentist trained in three types of sedation dentistry.


NuCalm is a revolutionary, holistic treatment for dental anxiety that not every dentist is trained to offer. It includes drug-free solutions to keep you calm and relaxed. These include a supplement that prevents adrenaline from ramping up your anxiety, headphones with a calming sound, and small patches behind your ear that’s been proven to help you relax.


Also known as laughing gas, this bit of dental sedation works fast. As soon as you breathe the gas in through a special mask over your nose, you’ll start to feel relaxed and comfortable. You’ll remain conscious throughout the treatment; you just won’t mind being there and having work done on your teeth and gums. Nitrous oxide wears off as soon as you stop breathing it in.


This is a stronger form of dental sedation compared to nitrous oxide. It’s a pill you take about one hour before you come to our Roseville, CA dental office. It induces a deeply relaxed feeling, but most people will stay awake throughout the treatment. This lets you communicate with our Roseville dentist when needed. Because it’s strong, you’ll need someone to drive you to and from our Roseville office.

Call Advanced Dental Concepts today at 916-945-9985 or use our convenient online form to make your next appointment. Dental anxiety is a real problem, and you shouldn’t let it give you a bad smile. Call Dr. Miller today for sedation dentistry and the dental treatments you need.

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