How Dental Crowns Do So Much For Your Smile

May 21, 2017

A damaged tooth is most likely painful, but feeling some pain might be the least of your problems. If that tooth is cracked, you could get a bad infection inside that tooth. The damage can also grow worse over time, weakening your tooth. You might even need a dental extraction to get rid of it because ......
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Dental Implants Can Restore Your Confidence

May 16, 2017

When you are missing a tooth, it’s hard to feel confident about your smile. What will someone think when they see that dark gap in your smile? How will that first impression go? Call our Roseville, CA dental office today at 916-945-9985 and make an appointment for a dental implant. With a dental ......
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Why Invisalign Is Great For Adults Needing Orthodontics

May 11, 2017

It’s never good having crooked, misaligned teeth. They look unusual, but they’re also a dental health problem. Your teeth can grind together in odd ways, wearing down the enamel and weakening the teeth. You can also add stress to your jaw joints, leading to TMJ disorder. But for many adults, ......
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Dental Crowns Are What You Need For A Healthy Smile

May 6, 2017

Although your enamel is very strong, it can get damaged. Chips, cracks, and more can not just make your smile look worse — it can make it uncomfortable to chew or enjoy hot/cold stuff. Any damage can weaken your enamel. Pressure and temperature can then more easily reach the nerve endings in your teeth. ......
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Don’t Let Gum Disease Ruin Your Smile

April 26, 2017

Are your gums sometimes sore or tender? Do you see a little blood in the sink after you’re done with brushing your teeth? This could very well be gum disease, a bad condition that can eventually cause you to lose your teeth. That’s why you need to call our Roseville, CA dental office today at ...
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You Brush Your Teeth, But Are You Doing It Right?

April 21, 2017

You know that brushing your teeth each morning and night is important. That’s because brushing gets rid of food particles that feed the bacteria behind cavities and gum disease. But are you brushing your teeth in the right way? Watch this short video for a few tips to help improve your dental care. ...
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WIth Dental Implants, You Can Restore Your Smile

April 16, 2017

That gap in your smile might be small, but it’s very noticeable. It can also give you problems with chewing or talking. Then there’s how your other teeth will begin to slide towards the gap. There are several problems with a missing tooth. That’s why you need to call our Roseville, CA ......
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How Dental Insurance Is Like (And Not Like) Health Insurance

April 11, 2017

Insurance can be confusing. It’s like it has its own language. Sometimes, you don’t know why one treatment is covered and another is not. That’s true for both health and dental insurance. They two have a lot in common, but they are different. Dr. Miller, your Roseville, CA dentist, wants you to get the ......
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TMJ Treatments Can Relieve Headaches And More

April 6, 2017

Pain and stiffness in your jaw is bad enough, but if it goes untreated, it could turn into headaches and migraines. That’s why you need to call Dr. Miller today at 916-945-9985 and schedule an appointment for TMJ treatment. Dr. Miller holds Masterships and Fellowships in several dental ......
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7 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Dentures

April 2, 2017

Do you have a few missing teeth? You might think it’s just a problem with how your smile looks, but that’s bad enough right there. Missing teeth can also be a dental health hazard. Go without those teeth long enough, and you could have a higher risk of cavities, and your other teeth could ......
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